Project Description
CodeFx.MySqlProviders is a set of providers:
MySqlMembershipProvider, MySqlPersonnalizationProvider, MySqlProfileProvider, MySqlRoleProvider
based on SqlProviders implementations for MySql using the CodeFx Framework.

This is a example of CodeFx use. Those providers are in production with the site since may 2007.

This assembly can be used in a medium trust environnement.

The tables for membership, personnalization, profile and role have the same structure as the Sql Server tables.
A file for the database creation is delivered with the solution.

*****************French Version

CodeFx.MySqlProviders est un ensemble de fournisseurs:
MySqlMembershipProvider, MySqlPersonnalizationProvider, MySqlProfileProvider, MySqlRoleProvider
développés sur le même principe que l'implémentation SqlServer mais en utilisant le framework CodeFx.

C'est un exemple d'utilisation de ce framework.

L'assemblie du projet peut être utilisée dans un environnement Medium Trust.

Les tables MySql pour le membership, personnalisation, profile et role ont la même structure que les tables équivalentes Sql Server.
Un fichier de création de la database est livré avec la solution.].

DBLinq.MySqlProviders is a set of providers MemberShip and Role based on LinqToSql using the framework DBLinq.

MySql Connector 5.1 also delivers a set of providers MemberShip and Role.
It's basically the same approach, adapting the SQLServer providers for MySql, but without framework. It doesn't use store procedures so that previous version of MySql (<V5.0) can be use.
Profile and Personnalization are not included in this connector.

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